AARP National President Guest Speaker

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Robert Romasco

Robert Romasco, National President of the American Association of Retired Persons, recently was a guest lecturer in the combined Family Interaction and Family Resource Management classes. Mr. Romasco, an advisor to numerous organizations in business strategy, marketing, and leadership development, is the current leader and chief national volunteer spokesperson of the 35 million-plus organization, one of the largest member organizations in the world. His impressive resume in business development and leadership includes service as the Senior Vice President of QVC, Inc., the leading interactive retailer, where he was responsible for Customer, Distribution, and New Business Development. He has also served as the Chief Marketing Officer of CIGNA, CEO of J.C.Penny's insurance division, and Senior Vice President of American Century Investments, and a host of other leadership positions.

Romasco informed the students of trends in aging in our society, and of the impact these trends would have on economic and social organizations. He noted that the current generation of students was the first generation in recent history that could reasonably expect to live to 100 years and beyond. "Aging today is very different than what it was just a generation ago. It's important to view people as a continuum, not as an old person but as a person who grown old," Romasco said. He encouraged young people to prepare for this stage of life by saving, investing, and getting to know older people, learning from their experiences and wisdom. He also discussed career opportunities that would be available in products and services to an older population.