Mechanical Engineering Major

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the Bachelor of Science degree program in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering provides a program of study covering a wide range of topics in thermal and mechanical systems that prepares students for a wide range of engineering careers in industry. Lipscomb’s Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

4 Year Degree Plan

B.S. Degree Program only
Total hours required – 132/133

General Education courses required— 38 hours

Specific gen ed courses required within Mechanical Engineering: Hours
BI 3123 Engineering Ethics: Redemption and Technology 3
EC 2413 Principles of Microeconomics 3
EN 3143 Technical Writing 3
Mathematics and physical science requirements satisfied by major
Specific courses for major required— 95 hours Hours
CM 1113 General Chemistry I 3
CM 1211 General Chemisty Laboratories I 1
EECE 2013 Survey of Electrical Engineering 3
ENGR 1113 Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR 3303 Applied Mathematics 3
ENGR 3513 Introduction to Control Systems 3
ENGR 4943 Design Process Management 3
ENGR 4953 Interdisciplinary Design Project 3
ME 1123 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering 3
ME 2113 Statics 3
ME 2123 Dynamics 3
ME 2513 Mechanical Engineering Computer Applications 3
ME 3113 Strength of Materials 3
ME 3211 Solid Mechanics and Materials Laboratory 1
ME 3213 Instrumentation and Measurement 3
ME 3313 Mechanical Vibrations 3
ME 3413 Dynamics of Machinery 3
ME 3443 Engineering Materials 3
ME 3613 Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 3703 Thermodynamics 3
ME 3803 Heat Transfer 3
ME 3831 Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Science Laboratory 1
ME 4303 Computational Methods in Mechanics 3
ME 4423 Design of Machine Elements 3
ME 4513 Design of Thermal-Fluid Systems 3
MA 1314 Calculus I 4
MA 2314 Calculus II 4
MA 2324 Calculus III 4
MA 3133 Differential Equations 3
PH 2414 General Physics I 4
BY/CM/MA/PH  Approved math or science elective 3 / 4
3 hours of approved technical electives

Note: The minor requirement in applied mathematics is automatically satisfied.

Note: Mathematics 1314, Calculus I, MUST be taken during the fall semester of the freshman year in order to enroll in Physics 2414 in the spring semester. Otherwise, completion of the program may require more than eight semesters. Students who are not eligible to begin in the calculus sequence should consider enrolling in Mathematics 1123 in the summer session.