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AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition

AISC's Student Steel Bridge Competition is an annual competition that challenges student teams to develop a scale-model steel bridge.

The student-led team must determine how to fabricate their bridge and then plan for an efficient assembly, as construction is timed during the competition.

The bridge is also load tested and weighed. It must span approximately 20 feet, carry 2,500 pounds, and must meet all other specifications of the competition rules. The bridge's aesthetics are also judged and factor into the final results of the competition.

AISC's Student Steel Bridge Competition challenges our students to extend knowledge and skills from the classroom to a hands-on steel-design project. Working as a team grows their interpersonal and professional skills, encourages innovation, and creates impactful relationships between students and industry professionals.

Students building the bridge
Bridge building outdoors
Two students building part of the bridge outdoors