Elementary School Guidance Services

Emotional and social skills are critical to a child’s lifelong health and happiness, as well as to their success as a student. While teaching and modeling these skills begins at home, school is an important place to have these reinforced. Mrs. Green visits elementary classrooms once a week for guidance lessons. The lessons focus on building life skills such as empathy, emotion management, problem solving, impulse control, friendship skills and bullying prevention. The Second Step (PK-2nd grade) and Steps to Respect (3rd & 4th grade) curricula were chosen for their strong research base, demonstrated results and high endorsements. Scripture is also incorporated intentionally and regularly to build these skills on the Biblical foundation of wisdom, self-control and love.

In addition to classroom guidance, individual sessions are available for students at the request of teachers and parents to address needs that are specific to the student.

Support groups offered through our Power In Numbers (PIN) program are yet another way the social and emotional needs of Lipscomb families are addressed. PIN groups provide support for those experiencing parental separation and divorce, students in need of social skills training, as well as other identified topics.