Where Foundations Are Balanced By Fun

The earliest years in a child’s education are formative ones. At Lipscomb Academy, we believe that this is the time to instill a love of learning that will stick with a child their whole life through. At the elementary level, children are learning how to learn. That’s why we deliver our holistic education by teaching both subjects and skills, sharing both information and inspiration. We believe that school can—and should—be fun for students, so we emphasize classroom experiences that are interactive, creative, and hands-on.

We thoughtfully structure our curriculum to promote the development of hard and soft skills.

  • Students practice math, writing, reading, and, science, while also working on listening comprehension, communication, and cooperation.
  • Students take Spanish language and computer classes to prepare them for our rapidly evolving, increasingly connected world.
  • As they study music and art, students learn to sing, paint, draw, weave, and play instruments to nurture their creative growth.
  • Through field trips and partnerships with Lipscomb University, elementary schoolers participate in high-level learning experiences, from the Institute for Sustainability's organic gardens to chemistry labs.

As your child grows in knowledge and abilities at Lipscomb Academy, they also grow in faith in a community that values worship and service. Through daily Bible study, prayer, weekly chapel, and volunteer projects, we encourage every student to explore their relationship with God and with others.

An Exceptional Lower School

  • 100% of kindergarten students are reading by the end of school year
  • Kindergarten through second-grade classes participate in 90 to 1 of uninterrupted language and reading
  • Reading specialists assess kindergartners, first, and second graders three times a year
  • Guidance programs include the Steps to Respect curriculum, Olweus Bullying Prevention program, and an on-site guidance counselor

To Start Your Journey at Lipscomb Academy, please contact Jennifer Watson.

Jennifer Watson
Lower School Admissions Specialist