Over the next few weeks on the blog, we're going to introduce you to some of our "herd" here in the College of Education.  We want you to meet some of the people in our community and hear a little about their journeys in education.

Talk to any one of Brandon Banes’ students and it’s practically a unanimous response, “You won’t be sorry if you take his class. He’ll help before or after class and goes through all the steps to really make sure you understand the material.”

Sit down for a conversation with Banes and there’s not a doubt in your mind that he is excited about the material he teaches and wants to make sure all of his students have a firm grasp on the concepts.  Dr. Banes believes that he is a professor of mathematics today because of his own teachers – and that kind of impact is exactly what he hopes the teachers sitting in his classroom are able to achieve.

Banes says that when he was in high school he didn’t really give much thought to attending college, but found a home when visiting Lipscomb. He always had a love for math and his desire to teach was inspired by his own professors who were encouraging and were passionate about the subject.

After completing his undergraduate degree in math education at Lipscomb, he taught for eleven years at the high school level before returning to Lipscomb as an adjunct professor in the Fall of 2007. Banes credits Dr. Randy Bouldin, Associate Provost and fellow professor in the Mathematics Department, with encouraging him to go back and complete a Master’s program. He also went on to pursue a Ph.D in Math and Science education, which he completed in December 2013.

Banes has been instrumental in envisioning and creating the new program the College of Education is launching with the Math Department, “Master of Education in Professional Learning and Coaching in Mathematics.”

“The newly redesigned program is perfect for people with an education background who want to be better teachers, coaches or education leaders in their schools and are passionate about high quality math education.  There has never been a more important time for equipping every math teacher with the skills and knowledge to teach today’s students – and that’s what this new program is designed to do.”

Banes’ fresh perspective and love for teaching makes him an ideal instructor for the new program. Whether you are a high school math teacher, a middle school numeracy coach or a first grade teacher who loves teaching math every day, Dr. Banes has helped to craft a program to enhance your skills and experience.

“We have several professors with backgrounds in teaching geometry or problem-solving that love hands-on learning. This will translate well for people who want to take on the leadership role of making math programs in schools stronger.”

For more information on the Master of Education in Professional Learning and Coaching in Mathematics, contactLaura.Liszt@lipscomb.edu or 615.966.1811. 


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