April Terry: Student Athlete and Scholar



Name: April Terry

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Class: Junior

Campus Activities: Track and Field, Student Athlete Advisory Council, LIPPYs*

Q: Let’s start with the obvious question, why did you choose Lipscomb?

A: “I am an athlete, but I’m first and foremost a student. I wanted a school that would give me the great athletic program but also an academic challenge. Some places focused heavily on one aspect or the other, but I didn’t want to compromise.”

Q: That’s a lot to have to consider. So when did Lipscomb first feel like home?

“I honestly couldn’t imagine attending another institution. I visited a lot of campuses and none of them had the feel of a genuine culture. I have personal relationships with everyone here—teachers, the business office employees and the cafeteria workers. I know the friendships I’ve made here are going to be the ones I still have years from now.”

Q: Was education always the game plan for your major?

A: “ No, I originally thought I wanted to major in psychology but after teaching a kindergarten class for a summer camp I knew my heart was in education. I got to design my own curriculum. Long-term, I would love to work for Leap Frog or a curriculum design company that would let me take the lead on projects like that.

Q: Can you tell us about a memorable experience from one of your education classes?

A: “Last semester I got the opportunity to work with in a first-grade classroom. The supervising teacher was so supportive of letting me give the kids activities to engage them in the lessons.  We celebrated Halloween by reading a story in the dark and we made an “adjective pizza” after reading another story to help retain the new words they learned. It was such a joy to go in there two days a week and have a room full of kids so excited to see me.”

Q: Being a full-time student and an athlete must keep you fairly busy. How do you juggle it all?

A: “Well, I’ve been involved in sports since high school, so making time for class and homework and practice isn’t new. I’ve found that open communication with my professors is key. If I’m travelling on Thursday for a weekend meet, they are always great about letting me present my work ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Q: With classes, practices and meets, does that ever leave you time for anything else?

A: “I love being involved with the community here on campus. I want to merge the campus culture so that the athletes and students are more united. With the creation of Bison Cup, students can earn points for attending social and athletic events. I’d love to start a tradition here that when I come and visit ten years later I can know I helped start that.”

*Wonder what the LIPPYs are?  April is working to put together the first annual LIPPYs, a special night similar to the ESPYs to honor Lipscomb athletes.