State Grants

Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

Students wishing to apply for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant must submit an online grant application by the following dates (This application does not replace the Lipscomb application):

  • Fall—September 15
  • Spring—February 1
  • Summer—May 1


Any student who wishes to participate in a dual enrollment course but does not want college credit must fill out a “Dual Enrollment Credit Waiver”. Students will not be billed for the course and should not fill out the grant application. Students who wish to take a dual enrollment course but do not want to accept the Dual Enrollment Grant money from the state must fill out a “Dual Enrollment Credit Waiver” acknowledging that they are aware they will be responsible for the cost of the course.

Dual enrollment courses on Lipscomb University's campus and online for which the student receives university credit will pay a fee of $300 per hour for each course.