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Kyle Dickerson headshot

Kyle Dickerson 

Campus Safety

Executive Director, Security and Safety


Originally from Pineville, Louisiana, Kyle has lived in the state of Tennessee since 1999 when he moved here to finish his undergraduate journey at Lipscomb. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pre-professional Psychology from Lipscomb University (2004) and an MBA in Human Resources Management from Bethel University (2016). Kyle has completed doctoral work in Organizational Leadership and Christian Ministry at Grand Canyon University and is currently completing the doctoral program for Learning Organizations and Strategic Change at Lipscomb University. After undergrad, Kyle spent time as a patrol officer with the City of Livingston, worked with juveniles, and served as an instructor in the firearms industry. He has also served his community in multiple search and rescue appointments, including local, state, and federal. Along with all things outdoors, Kyle and his family enjoy active sports and hobbies, including rock climbing, running, and backpacking.