Moving The Needle


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Corporate Board Member believes that diversity of thought gives corporate boards the best chance to be effective, and it ultimately fosters companies that are more customer- and human-capital focused. We do not believe that one-size-fits-all corporate governance mandates are a formula for preventing fraud or successfully building shareholder value. For that reason we are not proponents of quotas, but we value a proactive stance of offering business-developed solutions. Moving the Needle is how we have chosen to approach boardroom diversity.

Goals of the Event

1. To debunk the myth that there is a shortage of quialified diverse boardroom candidates to meet the needs of today's U.S. corporations.

2. To increase the current number of diverse board members by introducing a pool of qualified candidates recommended by CEO's, chairmen, and related parties to search firms and nominating/governance committee members.


Event Highlights

Evening July 18

A bell-ringing ceremony, reception and networking dinner for CEO's chairmen, candidates, search firms and nominating/governance committee members.

Morning July 19

  • A networking exercise for board candidates, search firms, and nominating/governance committee members
  • Peer Exchange workshops for CEO's, chairmen, and lead directors


A booklet featuring the qualified board candidates and existing organizational resources will be sent to all public company CEO's, chairmen, and nominating/governance committees.                       More information (800)452-9875