Students, faculty present posters at annual Christian Scholars Conference

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Students and faculty learned about research at Lipscomb and other Christian universities

In June 2018, the 38th annual Thomas H. Olbricht Christian Scholars Conference, held at Lipscomb, added a new poster session highlighting research conducted by students at various participating universities. The health sciences poster session was convened by COPHS Dean Roger Davis and featured 16 posters from various universities, including faculty and staff from Lipscomb.

"This poster session is intended to highlight individual inquisitiveness, original thoughts and application of new pedagogical approaches and technology," Davis said. "Each poster emphasizes methods which can be applied in the classroom. The session provided inspiration and direction for those who have the desire to enhance their personal growth and development, their academic careers and their ability to stimulate student learning and success."

Lipscomb's Poster Abstracts from the 2018 CSC:

  • Gracia M. Amaya, Rebecca Durandis, Kahari J. Wines, Arsany A. Abouda, Samuel A. Starks, R. Nathan Daniels, and Klarissa D. Jackson, Lipscomb University “Metabolic Activation of Sunitinib: Implications for Sunitinib-Induced Toxicities”
  • Tamara Baird, Lipscomb University, “Communication Competency: An Examination of Communication Methodology and Tools for Nursing Faculty and Students”
  • Chezka Baker, Elizabeth Breeden, and Scott Nelson, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy, “Emergency department clinician perception and utilization of external medication history data available within a newly implemented electronic health record (EHR)”
  • Vincent Cavaliere, Jacob Wetsell, Francisco Grajales, Samantha Fritz, and Kevin A. Clauson, Lipscomb University, “Characterization of personally identifiable information from medication-related hashtags: a photograph analysis from Instagram”
  • Zachary Cox, Pikki Lai, Connie Lewis, and JoAnn Lindenfeld, Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy; Vanderbilt University Medical Center, “Acute Presenting Blood Glucose Change from Average Outpatient Glucose and 30-day Outcomes After Acute Heart Failure Hospitalization”
  • Ben Gross and Haley Willett, Lipscomb University, “Implementation of Ambulatory Care Services within a Multispecialty Medical Group”
  • Mark A. Naguib, Will Hedges, Alli Dyer, Beshoy Abdelmessih, Zach Fasig, and R. Nathan Daniels, Lipscomb University, “Development of Allosteric Modulators of MC4R for the Treatment of Obesity”
  • Robin Parker and Whitney Narramore, Lipscomb University, “Closing the Loop: The Pharmacist's Role in Deprescribing through Transitions of Care”
  • Jonathan Pouliot, Kali Worley, Jeff Lee, Anne Lowery, Autumn Marshall, Katie Watson, Tom Campbell, and Susan Morley, Lipscomb University, “The Use of Motivational Interviewing Skills for Patient Counseling in an Interprofessional Education Learning Simulation”
  • Lincoln Shade, Kevin Flatt, Mallory Burns, Ankit Patras, and Matthew Vergne, Lipscomb University; Tennessee State University, “UV-C light technology as an alternative to pasteurization: quantification of antioxidants and amino acids in green tea, apple juice, and coconut water”