Proper Addressing

In order for your mail piece to reach the person for whom it is intended, please use the following address example:

Proper Name (first and last, no nicknames)
LU _____
1 University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204-3951

Suggestions for Proper Addressing:

  • DO NOT use P.O. Box in the address or the mail piece may be delayed in its delivery.
  • If box number is unknown, please leave blank and the box number will be supplied upon receipt.
  • For UPS deliveries please do not place box number in the address line. The box number may be placed in the lower left hand corner of the package, if desired.
  • Mail should not be addressed to dormitories or office buildings

Suggestions for Mailing Pieces:

  • Address mail properly
  • Specific office/department return address on all university and campus school mail is necessary
  • If a department is sending a mass mailing, please place it at the mail box and inform The Connection so that it may be collected.