Communication & Journalism Majors

An individual majoring in communication concentrates in the social sciences and humanities. At its core, the study of communication is the study of human interaction at the levels of interpersonal, small group, public, organizational, and mass communication. Our curriculum is designed to train graduates to communicate ethically and effectively in all media and across all platforms so that they enter the journalism or communication profession as:

  • Excellent communicators, listeners and critical thinkers
  • Leaders who use communication to affect attitudes and behavior for a better world
  • Responsible digital citizens who understand the role and use of technology as it changes our world

Students choose one of three majors:

In addition to technical skills in video, audio, and online production, students develop skills in writing, public speaking, identifying and coping with barriers and breakdowns of communication, reporting and interviewing, leadership, small group dynamics, persuasion, problem solving and decision-making, negotiation, audience analysis, message and communication campaign development, speechwriting, organizational communication, reputation management, media relations and public relations.