Transit Citizen Leadership Academy

Great Communities are Intentional, Not Accidental

Thriving communities depend on educated and informed civic leaders from every sector making decisions for the common good.  The Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership, through its citizen leadership academies, develops citizens to lead the public conversation on community issues and public policy.  The current citizen leadership academy is focusing on transit in Middle Tennessee.

A Seven-Session Program on Transit in Middle Tennessee

Session One: Scanning the Landscape
A look at the historical, economic and social impact of transportation in the United States and in Tennessee

Session Two: Understanding Current Reality
An exploration of Middle Tennessee’s transit system and the challenges we face

Session Three: Identifying Models of Success
An analysis of the successes and failures of other communities facing a transit challenge

Session Four: Evaluating the Options
An examination weighing value and cost of options for Middle Tennessee, informed by global best practices

Session Five: Engaging the Community
Identification and activation of community resources to support transit conversations

Session Six: Creating the Conversation
A design for facilitating conversations on transit options and opportunities 

Session Seven: Moving Transit Options Forward
An individual leadership plan to educate others

For more information, please contact Lydia Lenker at or 615-966-6156.