Master's in Civic Leadership: 

15 months. Project based. Weekend Classes. Cross Sector Collaboration and Nonprofit Leadership Emphases.

You desire to improve the lives of citizens and create sustainable positive change. We blend academics with practical real world experiences in what we like to call "Pracademics" (practical academics), you will study a wide range of practices and philosophies that promote vibrant communities.



Cohort/Lockstep Model: The cohort model encourages a more dynamic, collaborative, and supportive learning environment to carry graduate students through the program. Complete the entire degree in 15 months with classes held every other weekend in three-week segments.

Collaborative Relationships: Experienced and talented faculty and practitioners engage the learner in practical real world experiences. Students from diverse backgrounds with varying career interests further enhance the classroom experience.

Solve real-world problems: Students will find value in both the acquisition of knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to solving societal needs and issues through collaboration. Content knowledge and analytical skills derived from the coursework is applied to the student's project substantiated in design and evaluation.

Grounded in distinct principles, but tailored to individual interests and pursuits:  You will know how to systematically identify, analyze and address needs of importance to you. You will also understand the broader social, economic, political, and historical context of contemporary civic issues, and apply this knowledge and these analytical skills to civic leadership projects. 

How You Benefit

  • Deepen and broaden your leadership skills and thinking
  • Receive a unique credential from a renowned university
  • Find course content matched to a range of career levels, goals, and skill sets
  • Study as time and resources allow, thanks to a flexible time frame
  • Interact with community experts, university scholars, policy analysts, authors, and other thought leaders
  • Enjoy invitations to special seminars and functions at Lipscomb University

Priority Award and Application Deadline: May 30

Program application deadline: July 1