A Very Special Announcement from the Institute for Civic Leadership

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A message to our alums, community partners and friends…

Beginning in the fall of 2018, the College of Leadership and Public Service will offer one master’s program in the leadership and public service field. The Master of Arts (MA) in Civic Leadership degree will no longer be offered. However, many of the core elements of Civic Leadership will now be offered in the Master of Arts in Leadership and Public service degree.

Founded on the reality that addressing community challenges today requires very different skills than those employed by previous generations of leaders, the MA in Civic Leadership sought to forge a new path, one that worked with community to identify needs and implement solutions to some of society’s most pressing issues. We truly believe that great communities are not accidental, but are indeed intentional.

We are proud of the work that our alumni have completed to move the needle on the social needs of this city, state and beyond. They have implemented successful programs in literacy, workforce development, the green economy, mentoring, transit, housing and assisting incarcerated individuals to transition after serving their sentences. They have been promoted to assistant commissioner, executive director and program director and even elected to the Metro Nashville Council. They have started new careers in an effort to better fulfill their personal mission of leading in places and spaces that matter. And always, they give their time volunteering and speaking up on behalf of the beloved community.

In the spirit for which it was founded, the Nelson and Sue Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership will continue to host community programming that will focus attention on civic challenges and prepare community leaders to meet those challenges. We remain committed to individual leadership development in pursuit of community change. The way we do this work will look a little different going forward. While Civic Leadership will not continue as its own academic program, many of its core elements will continue in the leadership and public service degree. We are proposing changes that incorporate key elements of civic leadership, including two civic leadership courses that will offer different content and experiences for students studying leadership and public service. For more information on this offering, please visit  https://www.lipscomb.edu/publicpolicy/graduate-programs

We are deeply grateful for our community partners. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the Andrews Institute and the civic leadership master’s degree attracted students to the program and allowed those students to acquire the skills to grow as leaders and to learn how collaborative leadership can impact the community and change lives.

We are thankful to our instructors. One of the things that has always set the degree apart from those offered at other universities was our world-class instructors who were practitioners in the field of civic leadership. Their connection in community allowed our students to be introduced to a network of people that could pour into them and help them to meet their individual and collective goals.

We are thankful to our founding director, Linda Peek Schacht. She has been a champion of civic leadership from the very beginning. Linda took the passion as communicated to her from the Andrews, and the direction of President Lowry, and developed a degree and community programming that propelled the Andrews Institute into the Nashville community and made us known for producing thoughtful, collaborative change-makers.

And finally, we are thankful to the Andrews family. Nelson Andrews, with the love and support of his wife Sue, was a humble hero who immeasurably blessed all who call Nashville home. The Institute was founded to honor him and his legacy of collaborative civic leadership. We believe he would be proud of the work of our students, faculty and community partners. We give a special thank-you to Carter and to Sue, who continue to come when we call them to speak into the lives of our students. Your support has been incalculable.

When the Master’s in Civic Leadership program was first established, we knew the program would need to grow and change to remain relevant. We are excited about the new leadership landscape the merger of these two programs will create, and the additional opportunities which graduates of the new program will gain for influencing the world.  We are so proud of the work of our alumni and current students, and look forward to continuing this journey with you.