Kellie McCain Named Executive Director Exceptional Families


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Kellie McCain has just been announced as the new Executive Director of the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities in Kentucky!

She took a moment to share her excitement with us. “I am starting week 6 on the job!  I absolutely love it. Everything I learned at the Institute for Civic Leadership is applicable.

“Developmental Disabilities (DD) Councils are federally mandated through the DD Act, meaning all states have a DD Council. Their position is to advocate for systems change and capacity building for services for people with developmental disabilities. In order for this to be accomplished, councils are comprised of community members appointed by the Governor and must have specific representation of people with developmental disabilities and their families. There are also mandated state agency representatives.

“As Executive Director, I must collaborate with all stakeholders and partners in the DD Network system throughout the state. I supervise a council staff that supports the goals and objectives of the DD Council five-year strategic plan. It is civic leadership at its core to balance the collaboration and connections between all groups. DD Councils develop community projects with stakeholders fulfilling our mission and 5 Year Plan objectives. We just formed a partnership with the Louisville Center for Non-Profit Excellency to develop training detailing why it is important for non-profits to include people with developmental disabilities on their Boards. We provide grant seed money for projects that enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities. There is a large focus on self-advocacy and leadership training.

“Another project this Council has is a Health Partnership program where people with developmental disabilities partner with community members to engage in activities for a healthier life, such as going to YMCAs together and being physically active in their communities. A lot of emphasis is placed on Asset-Based Community Development for people with DD to be valued members of the community.”

Congratulations, Kellie!  We look forward to seeing the great work you will achieve with this new opportunity!


You may read the article on Kellie’s appointment on page 11 in the Summer/Fall issue of the Exceptional Family KY magazine.