While you may feel removed from your student's academic experiences in college, there is still a way for you to provide a positive influence. Encouraging them to complete an internship during their time at Lipscomb can be one of the best ways to promote post graduation success. In the Career Development Center we have found that our most successful students (success being defined as securing a job within 6 months after graduation) have completed  3 internships while at Lipscomb. These internships can be for academic credit or experience only, both are beneficial for your student to gain critical thinking skills and hands on training that is not always found in the classroom.

 So what are the specific ways you can talk to your students about internships?
  • Ask them if their major requires and internship to graduate. It's important for them to know before senior year if it is required!
  • Encourage them as soon as their sophomore year to start their internship search, Let them know to visit the CDC, we are available with lists of where LU students have done internships in the past.
  • Tell your story. If you had a positive or a learning experience through an internship or job shadow type opportunity they value that insight.
Please know we truly value your student and are here to help them navigate their professional journey while at Lipscomb and after. As well as, if you work at an organization that would welcome a Lipscomb intern, let us know and we are happy to advertise?market? the opportunity to our students.