Work Study



Helpful Information


1. All on-campus jobs are posted on the Experience Job Board. On-campus jobs are filled quickly so you want to apply before school if possible. Some jobs will be available the first week of school. Attend the Back-to- School Job Fair, Wednesday, 22nd from 11-2 on the 3rd Floor of the Student Center.

2. Receiving a work-study financial aid package does not guarantee an on-campus job so you must apply and receive a work study job in order to receive those funds.

3. If you are hired, the student will receive a check. The funds are not automatically paid to the tuition.

4. More than just on-campus jobs are available for work study students. Pencil Foundation and Y.E.S are off-campus employers of work study approved students.



1. All job opportunities are posted on the Experience Job Board. A variety of employers call us daily requesting Lipscomb student employees. Interested in babysitting? Check out Experience today to see profiles of families.

2. Having a job is an important development tool. Working 8-10 hours a week helps you structure your week and often students do better in school that work a few hours each week.