Internship Orientation Dates and Information



Are You Participating in an Internship for Academic Credit?

Then you MUST attend an internship orientation

Planning to attend? Sign up for a time here.

What to expect?

This is the only class meeting of the internship so come prepared for class with pen and paper.

Orientations will focus on the academic requirements as as student, employer requirements, professionalism and work place behavior, and how your strengths may be utilized.

The orientation will last about 30 minutes and you will need to attend all parts to receive the override to register for the class.

Know your Top 5 Strengths from StrengthsQuest. If you do not know your strengths, the Career Development Center can request the results for you.

Bring the description of your internship.

Next Steps

It is recommended that your faculty member have already approved your internship for credit. If not, this will be your first step. After the orientation, you will have an override and may then register for the class. Remember to receive credit for completing the internship, you will need to register for the class. Retroactive credit is not available so if you will receive credit during the semester that the internship was completed.