Certificate of Accountancy Program (CAP)

Accounting may not have been your first choice, but with CAP, it can be your best!

If you just lack a few hours to sit for the CPA exam, Lipscomb offers accounting courses through its Adult Degree Program and you can earn a Certificate of Accountancy. This 18-hour undergraduate level certificate provides the knowledge and understanding of accounting standards in an evening program. You can earn a Graduate Certificate in Accountancy by taking 12 graduate-level hours.

Evening CAP Program
Who should enroll in the evening CAP program? Working students who have a college degree and who seek to join the accounting profession.
What is the format of a 3-hour course? 8-weeks, one night per week, 5:30 – 9:30 pm
How many courses can I take in a term? Usually 2 courses per 8-week term, Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evenings, earning 6 credit hours per 8-week term
When may I begin the program? Courses begin any 8-week term: Summer, Mid-August, Mid- October, Early January, Early March
How do I obtain the 30 hours to sit for the CPA exam in the CAP? 21 hours will be available in the undergraduate program, and 9 hours are available in the graduate program
What if I need only 18 hours to sit for the CPA Exam? Enroll in only the courses you need or that will help you on the CPA Exam. Check the catalog for course pre-requisites
Which courses are required for the actual Certificate in Accountancy? 18-hours (six courses) are required for the Certificate, but 21-hours (seven courses) are offered. All students take:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Intermediate Ac 1
Plus choice of any 9-hours (three courses) from following list:
  • Intermediate Ac 2
  • Federal Income Taxation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Principles of Auditing
Can course substitutions be made? Yes, with the approval of the CAP Director, Charles Frasier
Who do I contact to register for the CAP Program? Contact John Williams, with our Adult Degree program at 615.966.5279, or at john.williams@lipscomb.edu
What is the cost of the CAP program? Evening CAP program tuition rate is $525 an hour. Tuition rates are subject to change, usually on an annual basis, effective with summer semester
What would be a typical class schedule for the program? Initially, take courses in this order:
  • AC 2503 Financial Accounting
  • AC 2513 Managerial Accounting
  • AC 3503 Intermediate AC 1
Should I take other courses to be eligible to sit for the CPA Exam? 30-hours of accounting and 24-hours of business courses

Program Format and Details

The CAP program consists of six required undergraduate courses for a Certificate in Accountancy. Additional courses are offered to complete the necessary hours for the CPA Exam. AC 2503 is required for students who have not successfully completed any accounting courses and is recommended for students who have not taken university-level accounting courses within the past two years. In order to waive AC 2503 you must get permission from the CAP program director.

Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 to earn a Certificate of Accountancy from Lipscomb.

If you have questions about the CPA Exam or have questions about an accounting career, call 615.966.5000 or email onedegreeaway@lipscomb.edu.