Marketing Resources

Marketing Associations

Lists marketing organizations and allows you to search the website for different associations.
Business Marketing Association
This is the leading association for business-to-business marketers and communicators.
International Newspaper Marketing Association
Promotion Marketing Association
Involved with companies in promotion marketing.
Direct Marketing Association
Up-to-date content and videos with nationally recognized experts

Marketing Databases

Marketing Chat
Contains marketing forums.  You have to sign up in order to access the information, but it is free.
Marketing Forum Watch
Offers free headlines from 31 different internet marketing and search engine discussion forums.  The website is updated every five minutes in order to provide the most recent information.
5 Star Affiliate Programs
Contains forums.  There are even some free advertising forums available for those who are starting a new business or creating a new product.
Marketing Profs.Com
Contains over 17,000 questions and over 100,000 answers  on the discussion forum.  You can post a new question or answer someone else's'.
White Papers
Contains papers that are directly related to the direct-marketing industry.
Social Marketing Institute
Contains papers that are relevant to social marketing.

Marketing Employment Careers.Business.Life.Go Beyond!
Job search engine that allows individuals to search 524 marketing jobs and 250,000 jobs nationwide.  Not only can you search jobs, you can post your resume, take a career personality test, and find graduate schools for free.
Mktg Ladder
Find marketing jobs.  Pay to become a member of you can view jobs and create a bio for free.
Nation Job
Established in 1988 and updated daily.  Allows and interested individual to search for a job.
Career Builder
Allows students to search by employer, job type, or job location.
IHire Marketing
Allows an individual to search for a job in the marketing field.  Individuals are able to post their resume as well as complete registration in less than five minutes.  The website is continually updated and monitored by the staff.
Marketing Jobs
Allows a student to post their resume and search for jobs within each state.  It also allows the student to use multiple career resources such as personality tests and career consultations.

Marketing Glossary

Glossary developed by using Peter Bennett's Dictionary of Marekting Terms and Dr. Koontz's imagination based on 15 years of reading and experience in marketing.
American Marketing Association
A glossary that produces definitions for 4,077 words.
Business Glossary Master Index
Lengthy list of business terms.
Business Solutions from
Glossary of business terms.
Quick  MBA
Quick info on Marketing and other areas of business.

Marketing Graduate Schools
Search engine for graduate schools.  Can search by zip code and field and lists all the schools which meet that criteria.
Graduate School Directories
Directory of marketing graduate and post-graduate programs - not only in the U.S., but around the world. 
All Business Schools
Designed to list schools that offer associate, masters, and MBA programs in Marketing.
Careers In
This site allows you to enter your zip code and search for graduate schools in your area.  Once your zip code is entered, all the schools are listed that meet your search criteria along with the programs offered at each school.
Allows students to search for all graduate schools in desired area of study.
Business Week Online
Lists the top twenty-five graduate schools in the United States.  It also lists the best graduate schools regionally along with the best business graduate schools outside of the United States.

Marketing Recommended Reading

Web Marketing Tutorial
Recommended reading materials are located on this site.
Shaboom Inc.
Are you an accidental entrepreneur? Website created by Molly Bloom.
Dean Mercado's Online Marketing Muscle
Recommended reading list for general business books as well as marketing and sales books.
Squidoo Business
Rodney Rumford reads two to three books a month about business or marketing and then adds them to his suggested reading list.  He has nineteen years of experience in technology, marketing and business development.
Coaching for Change
Books suggested by Irene Leonard to improve business, marketing, and your professional career.