MMCA Curriculum

Becoming a Professional I, II, III
This series of courses will provide students with 25 hours of work experience each week at specifically selected companies. Students will also participate in professional development seminars that will enhance their networks, career development, and understanding of appropriate work place behaviors.

Managing Yourself and Others I, II, III
These courses will explore individual and organizational behavior including personality, motivation, teamwork, conflict management, and negotiation. The courses will also address how a manager exercises leadership whether or not s/he is in perceived leadership positions.  

Managing for Results I, II, III
These courses will look at how to organize work to achieve maximum results. Students will study the various techniques (both qualitative and quantitative) to arrive at appropriate decisions and how to present those proposed decisions to others. Special emphasis will be devoted to ethical decision-making.

The Global Manager I, II
These courses will emphasize global economic, social, and political influences on multinational organizations. As part of the courses, students will participate in a global business travel experience. 


Master of Management is SACS accredited and will be eligible for accreditation by ACBSP in 2016, meeting the two year program requirement at that time.