Quality Indicators

Learn how our college stacks up to similarly accredited institutions.

To provide an unbiased evaluation of graduate program College of Business quality standards as possible, the college uses independently developed and administered assessment programs to measure performance on a set of business subjects and skills commonly taught in graduate programs and to determine levels of satisfaction with their programs of study. The scores produced enable the college to compare the performance of its students on the exam to the performance of students attending similar colleges.  Following are some of these results

Iliad Assessment

Incoming graduate business MBA students are administered the Iliad Assessment as part of orientation (pre-test) and again as they graduate (post-test) to measure improvement in a variety of areas.

The Iliad Assessment exercise is designed to access personal and interpersonal skills in a number of job-relevant situations. Iliad allows the College of Business (CoB) to help students develop leadership skills. It also assists the CoB in evaluating the curriculum and in continuously improving its programs.


  • Overall, the average student moved from the 52nd to the 55th percentile in skill sets, with strong score increases for initiative and communication. 
  • In terms of raw skill scores, Lipscomb’s average student reflected improvements across three of the five skill sets: initiative, organizing, and communication.
  • For Iliad’s InBasket activity, Lipscomb’s average student reflected increased scores across all four performance areas: work pace, attention to detail, prioritization, and writing quality.
  • Scores for the average student reflected an increase in the score for ethical sensitivity.

Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory

The goal for students in our graduate MBA program, which requires an international experience for most graduate students, is to develop a global mindset, have a multi-cultural perspective regarding the business enterprise, and to acquire the leadership skills necessary to be a successful leader in a global organization. The Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory is administered to students both prior to, and after returning from, a global business travel experience.


  • Students’ global business savvy increased significantly as a result of the global travel experience and related activities, which included enhanced pre-trip sessions and global company visits that emphasized each Thunderbird element.
  • Post-trip global business savvy increased by fifty percent over pre-trip measurements.  Savvy was defined and based on the knowledge of global industry, global competitive business and marketing strategies, how to transact business and assess the risks of international business, and supplier operations in other parts of the world.
  • Post-trip interpersonal impact increased by twenty percent over pre-trip measurements, and post-trip cosmopolitan outlook increased by twenty-five percent over pre-trip measurements.

Here are some learning objectives that the college measures--the “30,000-foot” overview of the education College of Business graduate students receive.  Graduates will demonstrate:

  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to critically and analytically evaluate complex business problems.
  • Knowledge of the components of ethical behavior when making business decisions.
  • Business acumen and specialized skills required to succeed in their chosen profession and in accordance with the particular graduate program in which they complete their studies.

Want more detailed information?  Here’s a longer report of our quality indicators.

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