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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dream. Discover. Do. A place for those who see business success a little differently by making it their own.

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Website

Lipscomb University’s College of Business is well known for graduating many sought-after students who earn top positions within a variety of industries. Trained in time-honored principles for building businesses with purpose, these graduates climb the ladder of success and excel in their contributions to their employers. 

But for some, the ladder of success is all about a giant leap into their own businesses. For them, the Center of Entrepreneurship offers a course of study that prepares them for that different path.

Founded in 2011, the Lipscomb Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was created to serve as an academic hub for entrepreneurship, both on campus and in the community. The center aims to produce the next generation of innovative entrepreneurial leaders in the greater Nashville area and beyond.

Contact Dr. Jeff Cohu to learn more about Lipscomb's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

A support structure for dreams.

Most entrepreneurial businesses fail, primarily due to the inexperience of the dreamers who start them. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation intervenes with an environment in which business creativity is shaped by solid business knowledge. Students in Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs experience what it means to start their own businesses well before graduation. In fact, upon graduation, a student has a finely tuned business plan ready to execute, one that has survived student and faculty critique based on the experience of faculty mentors who have traveled down the same entrepreneurial journey.

Business study and more.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management with the option of concentrating in either Entrepreneurship or Social Entrepreneurship. What better place to learn business principles for the common good than at a university known for its service and faith-based commitment to the community?

Not just for business majors.

Students interested in careers ranging from health sciences to graphic design may benefit from the courses offered through the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Many programs throughout Lipscomb’s ten colleges prepare students for vocations which indirectly entail principles of business and entrepreneurship. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers an excellent minor to equip students outside of the College of Business with these elements that will enhance the success of their careers. The minor focuses on how business disciplines integrate with a variety of professions in order to develop more holistic and well-rounded professionals.