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Center for Transformative Sales and Supply Chain Leadership

The Center for Transformative Sales and Supply Chain Leadership serves a dual purpose as an academic hub for current and future leaders of the sales profession by educating students in the most advanced concepts and practices of sales as well as developing supply chain managers and leaders through research, education, and training on campus and in the community.


The center’s vision is to be the leading program for transformative sales & supply chain management by training and generating innovative sales and supply chain leaders. Our graduates will make a truly meaningful and positive difference to meet the needs of humanity with equity in the greater Nashville area and globally through the execution of leading research, education, and the creation of an eco-system of sales and supply chain innovators.


After launching and continuing to lead the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation, Hannah Stolze is now founding the Center for Supply Chain Management at Lipscomb University. As an associate professor of supply chain management, Dr. Stolze actively conducts integrated supply chain, marketing, and logistics research.

Inspired by stewardship and the positive impact a firm can have in the marketplace, she conducts research that looks beyond profit at the long-term sustainability and impact of a firm. Her Ph.D. in logistics and marketing is from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Hannah is also the author of a recently published book, Wisdom-Based Business. Intended for business students and working professionals alike, Wisdom-Based Business demonstrates how to pursue profitability to the honor and glory of God.

Hannah Stolze Headshot

Hannah Stolze

Director, Center for Transformative Sales & Supply Chain Management | Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

As an associate professor of supply chain management, Dr. Stolze actively conducts integrated supply chain, marketing, and logistics research...

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Andy Borchers Headshot

Andy Borchers

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Andy Borchers, DBA, CLTD, CPIM is a Professor of Management and Associate Dean in the College of Business. Before moving to Lipscomb in 2011, Borchers spent 20 years in the...

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Rebecca Burcham Headshot

Rebecca Burcham

Assistant Professor in Health Care Management

Dr. Rebecca Burcham is an Assistant Professor in Health Care Management at Lipscomb University. She teaches courses in Marketing Management, Personal Selling, Sales Management, Business Ethics and Health Care Marketing and Management. Prior to joining...

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