Undergraduate Theology

Why would I major/minor in Theology and Ministry?

The obvious answer is to prepare for some form of ministry like preaching, youth, children's, or missions.

But there is more ...

Every Lipscomb student takes Bible classes as part of their learning experience here.  But some become so engaged that they want to explore their faith with a deeper level of study.  A major or minor in Theology and Ministry satisfies that desire.

How can I fit these hours into my schedule?

Some of these hours can do double duty because they fulfill the last 9 hours of the General Education Bible requirement.  Many students have room beyond their major and Gen Ed requirements to fit in a Theology major without a concentration (43 hours), a Vocational Ministry major (40 hours), or a minor in Theology or Missions (19 hours).

How else would a major or minor in Theology and Ministry benefit me?

These courses can equip you for leadership in your church or service organization, even if your chosen career lies in another area.  They help you better integrate your faith into every aspect of your life, including your work.  Theology and Ministry courses will also help you develop skills, like critical thinking and communication, which are valuable in so many professions where you are trying to make a difference in the world.  Theology majors can be found everywhere, working in fields of law, medicine, psychology, business, and education.

A final thought ...

A major or minor in Theology and Ministry can be a wonderful experience of faith development.  You will likely never again have the opportunity for this level of instruction and growth in the Christian faith.  An outstanding faculty invites you to journey with them and make the most of your time spiritually at Lipscomb University.