YM 2017

Tough Topics of Youth Ministry: Race Relations

March 7, 2017

Featuring Dr. Jerry Taylor, ACU, and Dr. Kenneth Greene, METRO Church

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When it comes to racially motivated acts of violence, our nation's list of transgressions is long. Fear is gripping our society.  We hear constant messages warning us to distrust those who are different. Injustices are being committed and it's important that we address them with the compassion and complexity that they deserve.
The YM 2017 conference asks the question, “How many of our pulpits, Bible classes, youth group devotionals, and small groups are actually talking about race relations?”
When was the last time you formally talked about the racial divide in our church? Have you ever discussed Ferguson with your youth group? Black Lives Matter? The Dallas police shooting? Do we talk about the ministry of reconciliation that Paul so vividly calls the church to engage in? Our silence might be contributing to the division in our country, instead of contributing to reconciliation.  
March 7th is an opportunity for church leaders to rise up and address this problem head on.
Back in the 1960's, Dr. King observed that Sunday morning was the most segregated hour in America. He also noticed that a few hours later on that same Sunday, blacks and whites were in the stands of their NFL stadiums united in cheering for their teams. The Gospel has greater power to bring people together even in the midst of profound historical conflicts and contemporary injustices.
We hope you will choose to dive in as we attempt to step up and become greater ministers of reconciliation within our churches, our communities, and this nation.
Join the conversation with our invited experts who want to help you understand this issue from a multitude of perspectives.  You will be given helpful resources you can use to begin the conversation with your teens and church.