Fortify Conference 2017

Strengthening Teachers and Leaders

The Fortify conference is a unique opportunity for collaboration among K-12 and higher education professionals in Tennessee and beyond. This annual event combines expertise, experience, and knowledge from both arenas of education; strengthening the practices of both. At Fortify, we seek to build bridges between K-12 and higher education in order to benefit both entities.

2018 Conference: "What if..."

Fortify is a modern, fast-paced conference featuring micro-sessions and impactful participant conversation. Presenters will share in a narrative format and conference participants will have time to discuss the big ideas they hear. Each narrative presented will highlight a passion topic.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity for collaboration among PK-12 and Higher Education professionals.

The call for presenter proposals is open through June 24, 2018. 

Online registration for the 2018 Fortify Conference will open soon!

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Topics relevant to current-service, pre-service, and higher education teachers and leaders.

When:  September 18, 2018
Where:  Lipscomb University's Downtown Spark Idea Center; Nashville, TN
Theme:  "What if..."


The vision for Fortify is to be a highly anticipated event that brings together K-12 and higher education faculty for authentic collaboration focused on topics relevant to both groups, including state or federal policy changes. We are student-focused, practical in nature, and innovative in our offerings. The conference is driven by choice of participants and provides not only networking opportunities, but also reflection time, and research sharing.

Fortify: Strengthening Teachers and Leaders, Fall 2017

Conference Theme: Learning in the 21st Century

This conference focused on learning in the modern era and provided a focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Fortify: Strengthening Teachers and Leaders, Spring 2016

Conference Theme: Ensuring Rigorous Instruction for All

This conference focused on the need for increased rigor at all levels of instruction, and included an instruction-focused strand and a leadership-focused strand. Peggy Greene, Tennessee’s Principal of the Year, 2016, delivered the keynote address, and various speakers presented in breakout sessions throughout the day.

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Fortify: Strengthening Teachers and Leaders, Spring 2015

This conference centered on the use of Ayers Institute's free, online resources at the K-12 and Higher Education levels. Participants engaged in discovery of INVEST and MOOC resources and collaborated on the effective use of those resources.

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