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College Access Project

The Ayers Institute has partnered with the Tennessee College Access and Success Network to produce an innovative professional learning tool for college access professionals.

We know college access mentoring requires specific skills and knowledge that are rarely, if ever, formally taught. Our goal is to build a cohort of college access leaders across the state, equipped with the tools to be agents of change in their schools and communities.

  • Contact us to setup a CAP cohort for your group or organization.


Focusing also on the non-academic factors of entering college, this course is a unique approach to training professionals, who work with young people, and high school counselors alike. Each strand is competency-based and allows participants to work at their own pace. The course is offered in five learning strands:

  • Working with Young People
  • Ethics of College Access Counseling
  • Creating a College-Going Culture
  • Paying for College
  • College Admissions Process
Tennessee College Access & Success Network (TCASN) logo

Tennessee College Access & Success Network (TCASN)

The strands are run for groups based on an agreed upon timeframe. Any combination of strands can be taken, but the College Access Coach designation will only be given to participants that complete all five strands. The course is $1000, or $200 per strand. Districts or organizations that would like to have a group participate should contact the Ayers Institute directly to register.

This course is made available through a partnership with the Tennessee College Access & Success Network (TCASN).