Ayers Institute Case Study

Independent School

Coaching for ACSI/SACS Goal Attainment

Partner Independent School
Location A county bordering Davidson County (Tennessee)
Timeframe Started 2015; ongoing
  • Institute shared leadership practices
  • Increase teacher capacity for improving student outcomes through collaborative teacher teams
  • Fulfill goals set by ACSI/SACS report
    • Develop a school-wide technology plan
    • Create a data-rich teaching and learning environment
Program Elements
  • Leadership coaching
  • Professional learning

This independent school was established in 2001 and is one of 4 independent schools in a neighboring county to Davidson County, TN. Serving 565 students in grades Pre-K-12,  the mission of this school is to, “provide for all families an environment that produces sincere Christ followers…shaping Biblical wisdom, moral excellence, academic achievement and personal development…regardless of socioeconomic standing.” 

The partnership with the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation began after the school received the results of ACSI/SACS audit.  School leadership engaged the Ayers Institute to build capacity in the areas identified as growth potential in the accreditation report. According to the school’s headmaster, “The process of working with the Ayers Institute has allowed us to partner with excellence in such a way to bring about positive and productive change for our faculty.”  

The main focus of the partnership has been developing, then working with a school leadership team to accomplish the goals set forth in the report.  This process has included faculty focus group sessions, a needs assessment for faculty, parents, and students, and professional learning sessions for the entire faculty to move toward the goals identified by the accreditation committee.  Using input from the focus groups and surveys, the school’s administration decided on a course of action: a collaborative effort to develop a technology plan, professional learning sessions focused on data use, and eventual implementation professional learning communities (PLCs).

“The Ayers institute has enabled us to bring an organized and systematic approach to this productive change for our faculty,” said the school’s headmaster.

Partnership results:

  • Shared leadership practices
  • A formal, school-wide technology plan
  • Needs analysis of teacher, family, and community needs
  • Improved communication between school board and school leadership
  • A plan for professional learning communities implementation
  • A focus on data-rich instruction 

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