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Graduate Programs

Degrees Designed for a Successful Tomorrow

The graduate programs offered at the Lipscomb University Austin Center allow you to choose from a variety of in-demand degrees that will equip you with the skills to advance and sustain your career with confidence.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Advertising—M.A. & Graduate Certificate

    Master theory and best practices in advertising for successful application in your work. Gain insight into how professional advertising fits in the contemporary communication setting.

  • Master of Fine Arts
    Master of Fine Arts in Animation (MFA)

    Learn the foundations and practice of animation, from character design to top-end computer graphics and 3D graphics. Work with expert faculty who will cultivate your strengths and guide you toward your goals, starting with a strong foundation of storytelling.

  • Master of Science, Certificate
    Applied Behavior Analysis

    Behavior doesn’t have to be a barrier to success, and our experiential program equips professionals who understand this. Combining scientific methodology with personal investment, you will be well-prepared to effectively provide effective behavior solutions to clients in various industries.

  • Master of Arts Christian Ministry, Certificate
    Christian Ministry

    Whether you are experienced in ministry or just starting out on the adventure, the MACM provides a good toolkit for your work and enhances your pastoral presence and leadership. We'll teach you how to apply theological principles and minister to those that need you the most.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Conflict Management—M.A. & Graduate Certificate

    Conflict is an inevitable part of public life, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to success when handled effectively, efficiently and respectfully. You’ll be equipped with the tools to recognize, understand and alleviate conflict in intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational and governmental settings.

  • Doctor of Education
    Doctor of Education

    Open the door of opportunity to a leadership position within a learning organization. Practical, collaborative doctoral research will be a common thread throughout your program along with studies in educational leadership, innovation and organizational change.

  • Master of Divinity
    Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

    Grow in your knowledge of Scripture and the theological traditions of Christianity across the world. Learn to share those resources with others in meaningful ways that support lives of faith in your community and engage the world around you. All the while you will undergo and appreciate your own personal formation as you learn to lead others in transformative change.

  • Doctor of Ministry

    As a terminal degree in our field, the D.Min. is best understood as a professional doctorate for ministry practitioners. Be challenged in your own formational journey as a leader of your community and contribute a meaningful resource to the world of the church through your original research focused on the practices of ministry.

  • Master of Arts, Certificate
    Public Relations

    Gain insight into how public relations fits in the contemporary communication setting, ethical frameworks, international communication in a globalized economy and cross-culturally diverse world, and explore key components shaping the current models and practices of public relations.

  • Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Certificate

    Learn the science of sustainability and help both businesses and people transform careless behaviors into mindful habits. You’ll be equipped with a holistic approach that helps focus on the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet. Add regenerative energy to your community and the world.

  • Master of Theological Studies
    Theological Studies

    Broaden your theological and historical knowledge within our Christian tradition. Develop reasoning skills that will prove useful in conversation and advanced academic studies. You'll also find it easier to advance your career within academia, ministry, or even Christian publishing.

  • Cost and Financial Aid

    As a Lipscomb student, you’ll emerge with the breadth of skills you need to succeed in a changing global marketplace, and the value-driven perspective to improve your relational competencies and set you apart as an ethical leader. An investment in Lipscomb is an investment in your future: that’s why we strive to ensure that costs are not a barrier for our students.

    Because each of our programs are unique in their formats, features and financial demands, graduate tuition rates vary by program. Click on the above programs to see their individual program pages and program rates.

    Lipscomb is proud to be a top school for return on investment and have a below-average student debt at graduation. That's because financial aid and even scholarships and assistantships to some programs are available to students. If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact us in the Office of Graduate Admissions at 615.966.1750 or You’re also welcome to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 615.966.1791 or

    Types of Aid