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Why Austin Grad

Five Reasons Students Choose to Attend Lipscomb Austin

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A Superior Education

The quality of education at the Austin Center is directed by highly credentialed faculty members who are committed to your success as a student and throughout the rest of your life.

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Affordable Higher Education

We commit to support your efforts to earn a degree by working to ensure that tuition rates at the Austin Center remain affordable.


A Community of Scholars

You will find that a significant part of the experience at the Austin Center comes from the relationships you will build with faculty, fellow students, and staff–all supporting your education and your life journey.


Preparation for Leadership

Whether you plan to be a professional minister, pastor, teacher, congregation leader or pursue other professions, Lipscomb Austin will help prepare you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your chosen profession.


A Supportive Alumni Network

When you graduate, you’ll join the ranks of more than 45,000 Lipscomb alumni serving communities across the country and around the world who can help you make valuable connections to reach your goals.