Visual Arts Teaching Major

B.A. degree program

I. General Education required of Secondary and K-12 teacher education students (see page 170 at
II. Professional Education (see page 170 at
                A. Core Professional Education
                B. Specialized Professional Education
III. Subject Matter Specialization

Specific courses required Hours
AR 1033 Foundation Studio I 3
AR 1043 Foundation Studio II 3
AR 1053 Foundation Studio III 3
AR 1213 Color Theory 3
AR 1513 Conceptualization and Presentation 3
AR 1723 New Media Studio 3
AR 2253 Fundamentals of Printmaking 3
AR 2613 Fundamentals of Painting 3
AR 3503 Methods of Teaching Visual Arts 3
AR 3513 Art for Children 3
AR 4933 Christianity in the Visual Arts 3
AR 4813 Survey of History of Art I 3
AR 4823 Survey of History of Art II 3
AR 4843 Art Since 1940 3

Three additional studio art courses of choice. 

Note: Visual Arts Teaching Majors have a built-in minor in education and are not required to take another minor.