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Unlike a merit-based scholarship, grants are awarded either by the institution or by an outside organization based on the financial situation of you and your family.

A grant is a type of need-based aid that does not need to be repaid. You'll find a variety of grants offered by the federal government that are widely available, as well as grants specific to program of study and personal background. 

Grants offered by Lipscomb

“Memorial” is the inclusive term for need-based aid at Lipscomb. Memorials are of two types: general and designated. A general memorial comes from the general funds of the university; the designated memorials consist of restricted scholarship funds set up in memory of individuals. All need-based aid is based fully on FAFSA results and are usually awarded according to those who apply first. 

  • Some memorials have definite instructions from contributors concerning those to whom the awards should be given. Others are available to any student with need.
  • Memorials exist for majors in art, Bible (graduate and undergraduate), biology, business, chemistry, dietetics, English, Greek, history, journalism, consumer sciences, physical education, pre-med, pre-nursing, social work and speech, among others. A few memorials state donor preferences for recipients who are from specific geographic regions, for minorities or for those who participate in athletics.

View a complete list of memorial funds.

Employment-Based Grants

Federal Grants

Audience-Specific Grants

College of Education Students

Military and Veteran Students