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Leadership & Mentoring

Recognizing your crucial place in a community, can be a deeply spiritual experience.

Through small discussion groups in the upper school, your children are grouped with teachers and students they would not normally interact with during the school day to explore and reinforce messages from recent chapel services. Your high school-age student is given ample opportunity to lead the small groups as well as other service projects and ministry opportunities to refine their spiritual leadership skills and serve as peer role models to younger students.

LEAD Lipscomb

LEAD Lipscomb is a program seeking to further all students in grades 9-12 in the process of living lives that better reflect the life of Jesus. Juniors and seniors are selected for this program that empowers students with direct service and leadership opportunities. Through a deeper engagement with LEAD students, the group’s lives more deeply reflect the life of Jesus.
LEAD Lipscomb students:

  • Receive training on leading small groups, utilizing the discussion guide to build community and help students grow in the process of living more like Jesus.
  • Financially support the Lipscomb Academy missions program be coordinating various all-school drives — mission fair, bake sale, missions clothing drive and Celebration Chapel.
  • Welcome freshmen to the Lipscomb Academy community by creating at least one event each nine weeks specifically for them.
  • Create one chapel service for female students for each nine weeks and create one breakfast event for young women.
  • Create one chapel service for male students for each nine weeks and create one breakfast event for young men.

Mentoring Mustangs

Each year, fifth- through eighth-grade boys and girls are assigned to small groups with students and teachers they would not encounter during the normal school day to discuss spiritual issues and messages from the recent chapel services. These discussions provide your middle school-age students with fellowship and the opportunity to develop unlikely relationships, opening their eyes to all the ways God can act in their lives and the lives of others.