Faith in Action August 2013




Fifty-five sophomores, juniors, and seniors left school with several faculty mentors for the inaugural Spiritual Leadership Retreat to Valley View Camp in

Greenbrier, Tennessee on August 14.


The energetic group of young people comprise the group known as LEAD Lipscomb and they will be leading the Lipscomb Academy student body for the 2013-2014 school-year in many ways.


One responsibility of this new organization will be to lead small group chapel discussions as well as helping with school-wide service projects throughout the year.


The purpose of the retreat was worship, contemplation of scripture, and focusing on the spiritual vision for the Lipscomb Academy student body.  Students were challenged to be the “salt and light” at Lipscomb Academy as described by Jesus in Matthew 5. 


During the two-day retreat, students focused on giving glory to God for a new year and seeking His guidance as students, faculty and staff work as one to be a school that reflects the spirit of Jesus to our community. 


In order to help recognize different leadership styles and abilities, faculty member Erin Pearl organized several activities and games that showed the students how to better work together as a group. 


Co-Directors of Spiritual Formation Greg Perry, Doug Williams and Karen Wood were joined by faculty members Erin Pearl, Betsy Thomas, Joseph Connor, Meredith Brocklebank and Scott Tillman to lead students throughout the retreat and they will continue to mentor the LEAD Lipscomb members in smaller groups throughout the year.  


“This retreat is the first of many intentional efforts to recognize, train, and empower students to lead students in following Jesus. We left this event excited about the fall activities for the LEAD Lipscomb student leaders and the leadership retreat in January," said Perry.