Faith in Action Spotlight



On Sunday, September 9, the Lipscomb Academy Mustang Basketball Team organized and led worship for the Beersheba Springs Church of Christ congregation.  The Beersheba Springs church is a 72-year-old congregation atop a mountain in Grundy County, Tennessee.


The congregation is dedicated to providing the small town of Beersheba Springs and its summer visitors with a Church of Christ worship option.  Sam and Shirley Stansbury along with God’s help, organize the effort to keep the congregation’s doors open


Twenty-two Mustang basketball players along with Head Coach Ritchie Pickens, his wife Kelly and Randy “Papa C” Cornwell attended and participated in the worship. 


Jonah Turner, a senior at Lipscomb Academy, chose songs and led the congregation in singing.  Blake Kendrick, also a senior, delivered a message that perfectly fit the needs of both the basketball team and the small congregation. “A professional preacher could not have done better,” commented one of the members of the congregation. Jake Stephen, a senior, and Clayton Pickens, a sophomore, handled prayer and communion for the worship service.


The team also had the privilege of hearing a little about the history of the Beersheba Springs congregation and an inspiring story about grace from Sam Stansbury.  Following worship, the team and congregation ate a fellowship meal together at the church. The trip ended with a short visit and a swim in the frigid, crystal clear water of Greeter Falls.


“This day was all about two things.  First, we want our team members and team to always think about someone other than themselves.  They experienced this by serving this church and by getting to know this church and its challenges. We want them to put their teammates first.  We want our team to win with respect for the other team.  We want them to celebrate their victories together and not at the expense of the other team.  We want them to lose in a manner that shows Christ in their lives, and compete with dignity and humility.  We want them to give their best in all circumstances. The people of Beersheba Springs Church of Christ humbly demonstrate those characteristics.  Second, we want our team members to be together in ways that strengthen the bonds between them.  We want them to laugh together.  We want them to support each other by using their God-given gifts.  We want them to create memories that will last longer than their basketball skills.  We want them to encourage and lift up each other to the glory of God.  All of this was enhanced by our visit to Beersheba Springs and Greeter Falls.  God’s fingerprints were all over this day and its events,” said Pickens.