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Athletic Directory

The relationship between a student athlete and a coach is one of the most significant and impactful relationships on a student’s life. The coach instructs them not only in how to be prepared for the competition field, but also teaches lessons in discipline, faith, perseverance and many more skills that will prepare them for life beyond the playing field.

2018-19 Coaching Staff

Athletic Director Dr. Mike Roller

Baseball Varsity Head Coach Brad Coon

Baseball Middle School Head Coach Burgess Rye

Baseball Middle School Assistant Bill Wood

Baseball Middle School Assistant Brent High

Girls Basketball Varsity Head Coach Ryan Roller

Girls Basketball Assistant Reid Hillin

Girls Basketball Assistant Daree Merritt

Girls Basketball Assistant Daree Merritt

Girls Basketball Assistant Cyndi Adams

Middle School Girls Basketball Head Coach Emily High

Middle School Girls Basketball Assistant Madeline Welch

Middle School Girls Basketball Assistant Alex Keck

Boys Basketball Varsity Head Coach Will Mantlo

Boys Basketball Assistant Andrew Greer

Boys Basketball Assistant Devin Arnold

Boys Basketball Assistant Richard Glenn

Middle School Boys Basketball Head Coach Jay Walton

Middle School Boys Basketball Assistant Franklin Bennett

Middle School Boys Basketball Assistant Andy Holliday

Middle School Boys Basketball Assistant Malik Mimms

High School Bowling Head Coach Diana Benson

High School Bowling Assistant Kara Ford

High School Bowling Assistant Charlie Ford

Cheerleading - Varsity Football Coach Donna Brasher

Cheerleading - Varsity Basketball Coach Miranda Giles

Cheerleading - JV Football Coach Martha Ann Hawkins

Cheerleading- Middle School Basketball Coach Janene Ezell

Cheerleading- Middle School Football Coach Katie Batson

Cheerleading - Competition Squad Kayleigh Mencia, Savannah Pickens

Cross Country Head Coach Jordan Wilson

Cross Country Assistant Coach Loren Cagle

Middle School Cross Country Head Coach Scott Broadway

Middle School Cross Country Assistant Alex Keck

High School Varsity Head Football Coach Trent Dilfer

Middle School Football Head Coach Dale Binkley

Golf Head Coach Greg Wilder

Golf Assistant Coach Brett Ramsey

Middle School Golf Head Coach Ryan Nikolaus

High School Hockey Coach Ethan Burau

High School Hockey Assistant Rich Melin

High School Boys Soccer Head Coach Ryan Bouch

Middle School Boys Soccer Head Coach Franklin Bennett

Girls Soccer Head Coach Amber Spragg

Middle School Girls Soccer Layne Collier

Softball Varsity Head Coach Amy Freije

Softball Assistant Kristin Sturdivant

Middle School Softball Head Coach Hannah Shong

Middle School Softball Assistant Frank Harrell

Swimming Head Coach Joe Fridrichsen

Swimming Assistant Nathan Pugh

Tennis Head Coach Lynn Griffith

Tennis Assistant Ryan Nikolaus

Tennis Assistant Reagan Panovec

Boys Track Head Coach Tim Taylor

Boys Track Assistant David Morris

Middle School Boys Track Head Coach John Green

Girls Track Head Coach Todd Cunningham

Girls Track Assistant Andrew Stewart

Middle School Girls Track Head Coach Griffin Johnson

Middle School Track Assistant Kayla Montgomery

Volleyball Varsity Head Coach Jake House

Volleyball Assistants Mallory Mitchen, Ashley Jones, Morgan Botz

Middle School Volleyball Head Coach Sara Mitchell

Middle School Volleyball Assistant Rachel Langston

Director of Strength & Conditioning Bryan Van Vleet