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Girls' Varsity Soccer

Our program's mission statement is to create a competitive, loving and safe environment that challenges our young ladies to develop confidently into who God has created them to be.

We understand that our talents are a gift, and we can use our gift of soccer to reveal more of who God is and glorify Him. We do this by emphasizing our core values of excellence, grace and humility on and off the field. The girls soccer program started in 2001. We moved into DIIAA in 2017.

  • Ryan Bouch: Varsity Coach
  • Hailey Eck: Varsity/JV Assistant  
  • Megan Long: Varsity/JV Assistant  
  • Marc Fatton: JV Head Coach

Griffith Family Soccer Field and Complex 

The Griffith Family Soccer Field and Complex, dedicated in April 2013, includes a competition soccer field with lighting, a practice field, home and visitor locker rooms, public restrooms, a concession stand and free parking. The field and complex were made possible through a generous donation from Pam and Jim Griffith, Lipscomb University board of trustees member.

3915 Franklin Pike Road
Nashville, TN 37204

Bleacher capacity: 250

View image of the front view of the Griffith Family Soccer Field and Complex

View image of the side view of the Griffith Family Soccer Field and Complex

View aerial image of the Griffith Family Soccer Field and Complex


Human Performance Weight Room

With the renovation of the human performance weight room located at the Upper School, the enhanced performance center is accessible now for the entire student body. The renovations have expedited our ability to install methodologies based around teaching movement, core strength and proper lifting techniques. Sixteen racks, numerous dumbbell and kettlebell racks and increased space give the athletics program the necessary tools to teach effectively.

View image of the human performance weight room


All-State Players

2010: Sarah McFarlin

2009, 2010: Alex Taylor

2008, 2207, 2006: Hope Proffitt

2007: Andie Thornton

2006, 2005, 2004: Halie Proffitt


All Mid-State Players

2010: Alex Taylor

2004: Halie Proffitt


Career Scoring Leaders

2016: Mimi Herring, 1.35 goals per game; Anna Taylor, 1.03 goals per game

2012: Abby Taylor, .68 goals per game

2011: Alex Reitmaier, .33 goals per game

2010: Alex Taylor, 71 final goals in career

2008: Hope Proffitt, .40 goals per game

2006: Halie Proffitt, 1.46 goals per game

2004: Sophia Ferreri, .97 goals per game


Career Assists Leaders

2016: Mimi Herring, .90 assists per game

2012: Abby Taylor, 29 final assists in the season

2010: Alex Taylor, .28 assists per game

2008: Hope Proffitt, .30 assists per game

2006: Halie Proffitt, .73 assists per game


Single Season Scoring Leaders

2016: Mimi Herring, 27 goals; Abigail King, 13 goals; Kate Owens, 13 goals

2004: Halie Proffitt, 29 goals


Single Season Assists Leaders

2016: Mimi Herring, 18 assists

2012: Abby Taylor, 12 assists

2008: Hope Proffitt, 14 assists

2005: Halie Proffitt, 12 assists


Shut-outs in Goal

2010: Sarah McFarlin, 13 shut-outs

2009: Sarah McFarlin, 7 shut-outs

2006: Brittany Reed, 10 shut-outs

2004: Megan Dickerson. 6 shut-outs


Most Saves

2009: Sarah McFarlin, .81% saves on goal

2011: Autumn Hayes, .62% saves on goal  

2010: Sarah McFarlin, .88% saves on goal  

2009: Sarah McFarlin: .81% saves on goal

2008: Kate Bridges, .65% saves on goal

2007: Brittany Reed, .75% saves on goal; Kirstyn Sweeney, .75% saves on goal

2006: Brittany Reed, .82% saves on goal


Single Game Records

2010: Sarah McFarlin, 17 saves

2009: Alex Taylor, 6 goals; Sarah McFarlin, 21 saves; Sarah McFarlin, 21 saves

2008: Hope Proffitt, 3 assists

2005: Halie Proffitt, 5 goals, 3 assists

2004: Halie Proffitt, 5 goals



2010, 2009



Semifinals: 2016, 2013



Championship: 2016, 2015

Semifinals: 2014, 2012, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

Quarter Finals: 2011



College Signings


Mimi Herring, Harding University


Elizabeth Grogan, Harding University


Abby Taylor, Union University


Alex Reitmaier, Bethel University


Sarah McFarlin, Lipscomb University

Alex Taylor, Union University


Hope Proffitt, Lipscomb University


Lauren Rucker, Carson Newman College

Andie Thornton, Lipscomb University


Haley Proffitt, Lipscomb University


Kristen Carbine, Lee College

Lipscomb Academy 2019-20 High School Girls' Soccer

Lipscomb Academy 2019-20 High School Girls' Soccer