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Cheer: Basketball, Competition and Football

At Lipscomb Academy, we offer many opportunities to be part of a cheer squad.

We have a basketball and football squad in seventh and eighth grade. For varsity, depending on the number of interested cheer candidates, we offer JV cheer (9-12), varsity basketball cheer (9-12), varsity football cheer (9-12), and competition cheer (8-12). Interested candidates are encouraged to be part of more than one squad and/or play other sports. Competition cheerleaders must be on one of the sideline squads.

We love to cheer for our sports teams, so we focus on a team concept. Cheerleaders are required to condition in the off-season and encouraged to develop new skills, such as tumbling, to extend the capabilities of our squads. Our highly qualified coaches lead our programs to help our students reach their full potential in all areas. Our cheerleaders attend UCA camp, and each year, we have many individuals who are recognized as UCA All-Americans. We also have many alumni cheerleaders, who have advanced their skills to the point they have been able to cheer at the collegiate level. 

Our strong sideline cheer program gives us a sound basis for the competition cheer squad. We had a competition squad in the ’90s that did local and state competitions and have recently reintroduced a competition cheer program. Our current competition squad competes in UCA regionals to qualify for nationals. For the 2019-2020 school year, we will compete in the small squad Game Day Division.

All coaches are ACCAA (American Association of Cheer Coaches and Administrators) certified for safety and credentialed by UCA (Universal Cheerleader Association).

  • Miranda Giles: Director of Cheer Operations, Head Basketball Coach
  • Anna Claire Temple: Varsity Football and Competition Head Coach
  • Whitney Cadavid: Varsity Football Cheer Assistant  
  • AnnMichael Merritt: Varsity Football Cheer Assistant



Human Performance Weight Room

With the renovation of the human performance weight room located at the Upper School, the enhanced performance center is accessible now for the entire student body. The renovations have expedited our ability to install methodologies based around teaching movement, core strength and proper lifting techniques. Sixteen racks, numerous dumbbell and kettlebell racks and increased space give the athletics program the necessary tools to teach effectively.

View image of the human performance weight room



3rd place: Clinic Bowl State 2A


2nd place: Clinic Bowl State 2A



College Signings


Wesley Morgan, Cumberland University


Chaley Allen, University of Tennessee-Martin

Ann Michael Merritt, Lipscomb University

Victoria Newby, Lipscomb University


Haley Grizzell, Harding University


Lindsey Bradshaw, Lipscomb University

Caroline Burch, Harding University


Elizabeth Gaw, Samford University

Belle (Blickenstaff) Howell, Harding University

Lindsey Nance, Lipscomb University

Katie (Holliday) Weber, Lipscomb University


Anna Claire Temple, Lipscomb University


Alex (Ezell) Schock, Harding University


Cali (Anderson) Watts, Harding University


Crystal (Curtis) Brown, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Briea (Curd) Loft, Harding University


Lisa (Hanvey) Stinson, Lipscomb University


Penny (Staggs) Tenpenny, Lipscomb University

Cindy Greer, Lipscomb University

Varsity Cheerleading Team

Varsity Cheerleading Team