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Return To Campus Plan

Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus.

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Return To Campus Plan

Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus.

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College Signings

We are proud of our young athletic alumni.


Shaun Allen, Bethel University, football

Hannah Blackburn, Union University, volleyball

Jake Bowman, Western Kentucky University, football

Clay Campbell, Wheaton College, football

Tyler Chitty, Harding University, soccer

Matthew George, Tusculum University, football

Samuel Griffith, Freed-Hardeman University, soccer

Mimi Herring, Harding University, soccer

Houston High, Union University, baseball

Hank Hutcheson, Trevecca Nazarene University, basketball

Maggie Keenan, Austin Peay University, volleyball

Cole McDowell, Murray State University, football

Kyle McNamara, University of Michigan, football

Jack O'Dowd, Vanderbilt University, baseball

Nicholas Paschall, Cornell University, football

Kobi Roy, Bethel University, football

Mikele Vickers, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, track


Wesley Morgan, Cumberland University, cheerleading

Elijah Patterson, Columbia State Community College, baseball

Connor Pylkas, Maryville College, football

Trey Rogers, Furman University, football

Vinny Romano, Adelphi University, baseball

Emory Thomas, Freed-Hardeman University, softball


Chaley Allen, University of Tennessee-Martin, cheerleading

Noah Carter, Oklahoma Christian University, swimming

Megan Hyman, Lipscomb University, track

Addison McNeely, Lindenwood University Belleville, basketball and baseball

Ann Michael Merritt, Lipscomb University, cheerleading

Victoria Newby, Lipscomb University, cheerleading

Grant Rathburn, Kentucky Christian University, baseball 

Logan Sakarapanee, University of Tennessee-Martin, football

Gracie Simpson, Lipscomb University, basketball 


Katie Coker, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, cross country and track

Liz Grogan, Harding University, soccer

Drew McCollough, Freed-Hardeman University, cross country and track 

Cade McDowell, Lubbock Christian University, basketball

William Phillips, University of the South, football

Rutger Reitmaier, University of Oregon/Vanderbilt University, football


Lindsey Bradshaw, Lipscomb University, cheerleading

David Floyd, Vanderbilt University, football

Sam Jackson, University of the South, football

Colton Piatt, University of Kentucky, football

Jed Wills, Wheaton College, wrestling

Paul Swindell, Lipscomb University, golf 


Davis Armstrong, Lipscomb University, golf  

Channing Beardon, UT Knoxville, rowing

Hannah Hutcheson, Lipscomb University, volleyball

Blair McFarlin, Auburn University, equestrian

John Matt Merritt, Lipscomb University, basketball 

Jackson Mitchell, United States Naval Academy, football

Baker Richardson, Samford University, football

Cameron Webb, Trevecca Nazarene University, basketball


Dawson Armstrong, Lipscomb University, golf

Belle Blickenstaff, Harding University, cheerleading

Loren Cagle, Lipscomb University, basketball

Cooper Jackson, Tennessee Tech, football

Blake Kendrick, Lee University, basketball 

Ryan Lipe, Bellarmine University, track

Lindsey Nance, Lipscomb University, cheerleading

Deandre Tiggs, Lindsey Wilson College, football

Katie (Holliday) Weber, Lipscomb University


Dowling Armstrong, Lipscomb University, golf

Barbara Lee Ball, Lipscomb University, track

Sara Browning, Lipscomb University, track

David Austin Lowery, Lipscomb University, track/cross country

Abby Taylor, Union University, soccer

McCarley Thomas, Lipscomb University, softball

Corley Webb, Trevecca, track/cross country


Austin Casassa, Lipscomb University, track/cross country

Sarah McFarlin, Lipscomb University, golf

Alex Reitmaier, Bethel University, soccer

Kelli Smith, Lipscomb University, basketball


Ryan Cagle, Harding University, track

Logan Green, Harding University, track/cross country

Davis Hudson, Harding University, football

Sarah McFarlin, Lipscomb University

Guy Simmons, Harding University, football

Alex Taylor, Union University, soccer


Christopher Safley, Harding University, track

Dustin Wilder, Lipscomb University, golf


Ryan Emery, Arkansas State University, baseball

Leigh Anne Henry, Bryan College, softball

TJ Hoelzer, Lipscomb University, baseball

Dallon Hudson, Harding University, football

Hope Proffitt, Lipscomb University, soccer

Zach Rogers, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, football

Krysten Sweeney, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, track and Field


Johnson Barrick, Belmont University, tennis

Jeremy Holt, Harding University, football

Ryan Johnson, Harding University, track and cross country

Leah McAlister, Lipscomb University, basketball

Lauren Rucker, Carson Newman College, soccer

Andie Thornton, Lipscomb University, soccer

Dylan Waters, Lipscomb University, golf 


Caitlin Anderson, Lipscomb University, track/cross country

Claire (Pennington) Chaffin, Freed-Hardeman University, volleyball

Ben Lehning, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, football

Julianne McMeen, Lipscomb University, tennis

Haley Proffitt, Lipscomb University, soccer

Jordan Wilson, Lipscomb University, track/cross country


Kristen Carbine, Lee College, soccer

Traci Gibbons, Freed-Hardeman University, softball

Miriam McAlister, Lipscomb University, basketball

Josh Slater, Lipscomb University, basketball 


Ashley Dance, Samford, track

Burton Elrod, Samford, football

Clay Lehning, Lipscomb University, baseball

Corey Parkinson, Lipscomb University, golf

Zach Pharr, Lipscomb University, golf

Austin Rogers, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, football

Kara Sephel, Belmont, track/cross country

Karen (Dorris) Wolfson, Mercer University, volleyball


Katie Foster, Lipscomb University, basketball

Will Mantlo, Lipscomb University, basketball

Brent McPherson, Freed-Hardeman University, basketball

Megan (Rhodes) Smith, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, softball


Erica (Harris) Maple, Harding University, track

Wesley Mayes, Freed-Hardeman University, basketball

Taylor Merry, Lipscomb University, baseball

Lauren (Williams) Weaver, Belmont University, track/cross country


Elizabeth Dotson, University of Kentucky, golf

Ethan Flatt, University of Mississippi, football

Lynn (Roller) Lavender, Lipscomb University, basketball

Cali (Anderson) Watts, Harding University, cheerleading


Jeff Baumgartner, Lipscomb University, baseball

Kera Bergeron, Austin Peay State University, basketball

Cole Griffith, Abilene Christian University, tennis

Jennifer (Cannon) Wheeler, Lipscomb University, softball


Crystal (Curtis) Brown, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Michael Mays, Lipscomb University, basketball


Kyle Felts, Trevecca University, baseball

Matthew Griffith, Lipscomb University, baseball

Chris Parker, Lipscomb University, baseball

Scott Richardson, Texas Tech, baseball

Jonathan Shaub, Vanderbilt University, football 


Ryan Roller, Lipscomb University, basketball

David Alan Sciortino, Lipscomb University, golf

Michelle Tyree, University of Georgia, softball


Kristen (Tidwell) Neece, Lipscomb University, softball

Larry Nesbitt, Lipscomb University, baseball

Dan Turner, Lipscomb University, track/cross country


Steve Richardson, Texas Tech, baseball

Andrew Stewart, Penn State, football

Wesley Wilkerson, Lipscomb University, baseball


Melvin Evans, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, football

Brandon Glass, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, football

Oliver Simmons, University of Kentucky/Florida State, basketball


Jamie Gleaves, Lipscomb University, softball

Megan Mantlo, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, track/cross country


Chad Breedlove, Samford University, track

Randy Bostic, Lipscomb University, baseball

Michael Wiley, Samford University, track

Holli (Hutcheson) Wilks, Lipscomb University, tennis


Lee Anderson, Lipscomb University, basketball

Steven Bowen, Tennessee Tech, football

John Boatman, Lipscomb University, baseball

Kurt Dugan, Lipscomb University, baseball

Michael Green, Lipscomb University, basketball

Greg Thompson, Lipscomb University, basketball


Beth (Tallent) Sheridan, Vanderbilt University, track/cross country


Greg Eubanks, Lipscomb University, basketball

Briea (Curd) Loft, Harding University, cheerleading

Jerry Meyer, Lipscomb University, basketball


Ashley Duncan, Belmont University, basketball

Amy Fuller, University of Virginia, basketball

Allen Gill, Harding University, track/cross country


Neal Benson, Lipscomb University, baseball

Mike Dugan, Lipscomb University, baseball

Raymond Harvey, Lipscomb University, baseball

Phillip Hutcheson, Lipscomb University, basketball

Jon Williams, Lipscomb University, baseball


Richard Taylor, Lipscomb University, basketball


Trey Hartman, Lipscomb University, baseball

Benton Patton, Lipscomb University, baseball

Regina (Atnip) Smith, Lipscomb University, basketball


Mark Smith, Middle Tennessee State University, basketball and baseball


Jay Williams, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, football


Lisa (Hanvey) Stinson, Lipscomb University, cheerleading


Penny (Staggs) Tenpenny, Lipscomb University, cheerleading

Cindy Greer, Lipscomb University, cheerleading


Ernie Smith, Lipscomb University, baseball