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Learning to be a part of something bigger than yourself is a lesson that will prepare you to be the best version of you — in the classroom, on the playing field and in life.

The Lipscomb Academy Mustang athletic program extends the borders of the classroom in a unique way to equip student athletes with experiences that shape them into young women and men who are prepared to be leaders in life and who confidently walk their journey long after they leave our campus.

We believe playing sports does more than create strong athletes: it teaches the value of teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, endurance. Mustang athletes are also shaped spiritually by coaches who are passionate about shaping them into Godly young people full of character and faith. These are lessons that will continue to shape you long after you take off the Mustang uniform for the final time.

Opportunities abound for you to find a home in the Mustang athletic program. More than 95 percent of sports-eligible students are a part of the 23 athletic teams at Lipscomb Academy. You will find a program with a rich history in being successful on the playing field, too, with 32 team state championships and more than 80 individual state champions.

The Lipscomb Academy journey nurtures every student’s unique gifts in preparing you mind, body and soul.

Mustang Tradition

When you step onto the playing field as a Mustang you represent something bigger than yourself. You represent your team, but you also represent those who have worn the Purple and Gold before you. For more than a century, the Lipscomb Academy athletic program has been impacting lives on and off the playing field. And, Mustangs have been leading the herd with 32 team state championships and more than 80 individual state champions.

Teams & Schedules

Lipscomb Academy offers a rich variety of programs that offers something for everyone who wants to be a part of the Mustang athletic program. You may choose from a robust offering of 23 teams to fuel your competitive spirit and to represent the Purple and Gold on and off the playing field. School-sponsored programs begin in the sixth grade, and are sure to enrich your Lipscomb Academy experience.

Athletic Directory

The relationship between a student athlete and a coach is one of the most significant and impactful relationships on a student’s life. The coach instructs them not only in how to be prepared for the competition field, but also teaches lessons in discipline, faith, perseverance and many more skills that will prepare them for life beyond the playing field.

Mustang Athletic Club

We are all MUSTANGS… from the smallest among us to those who have gone before! It is time for us all to gather in Purple and Gold UNITY to further the MIGHTY tradition of excellence at every level of Lipscomb Academy – lower and upper school. The mission of the Mustang Athletic Club is to serve the student athletes of Lipscomb Academy through the generation of financial, volunteer and fan support. The MAC works closely with the administration and coaches to accomplish this for all athletic programs at Lipscomb Academy.

Youth Sports

The Lipscomb Academy Athletics Program has something for even the tiniest Mustangs! The Stampede youth sports program gets future Mustangs excited about being a part of the athletic program. And we believe the life lessons learned on the playing field begin with the youngest among us.


Need more information? Find student athletes forms and answers to frequently asked questions in our resources center.