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Passion meets at the intersection of creativity and skill, in Lipscomb Academy’s visual and performing arts program that is unlike any other in Middle Tennessee.

Lipscomb fine arts not only recognizes and brings out the best in your child’s creativity while honing the rigorous skills necessary for mastery, but the program also shares a unique collaboration with Lipscomb University to create a one-of-a-kind experience for students at any age, and at any skill level, to refine their passion and talent.

We believe that a broad education in the arts provides children with a better understanding of their world. That’s why we strive to develop your child’s cultural and emotional literacy alongside their math and science literacy. Adults in today’s world must be flexible, able to communicate and solve problems, able to learn new skills quickly, be creative and innovative: all skills refined, reinforced and cemented through arts education. The arts will boost your children’s achievement and build them into innovative thinkers.

Music: Break down barriers to creativity

Competence creates confidence, breaking down barriers and helping your student gain a greater appreciation and love of music and music-making. Our music program teaches all our students, at any skill level, how to nurture their innate artistic talent.

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Theatre: Boldly take the stage

Standing ovations are sure to boost your child’s self-worth in our theatre program that builds not only self-confidence, but teamwork skills and friendships for a lifetime. Our students become involved in every aspect of the academy’s theatre productions, teaching them far more than how to project.

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Visual Arts: Discover inspiration everywhere

Mastery of art promotes and refines your child’s experimentation in science, descriptive communication in language, awareness of patterns in math, understanding of repetition and evolution in history and discovery in worship.

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The Music Academy and School of Dance

Lipscomb Academy offers on-site private instruction by credentialed music and dance professionals in its Music Academy and School of Dance. The Music Academy draws on Lipscomb’s depth of music professors to provide lessons similar to those your child would experience at the university level. The newly established School of Dance offers instruction by local dance professionals and faculty including Lipscomb’s theater program director, a long-time leader in Nashville’s musical theater at the high school and community levels, Kari Smith.