LEAD Lipscomb Interviews

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At Lipscomb Academy we have have a Program called “LEAD Lipscomb.” The main purpose of LEAD is to have student leaders involved in Spiritual formation at Lipscomb. Members of LEAD Lipscomb lead small groups, speak in chapel, plan worship, and become spiritual leaders on their sports teams or clubs. The Program has about 80 student students representing vritually all areas and interests of the high school. Recently, I interviewed a few members of LEAD by asking them a simple question: “How do you feel about the spiritual formation theme this year?" The 2017-2018 theme is “Walking with God.”

The first person I interviewed was Ben Lowery, Ben is one of our baseball players at the Academy and also one of the leaders of our student section.

Ben :  “I love the theme, it emphasizes that God is always present and invoked in everything we do. We are always walking this life and I love that we are embracing that God is with us in that walk”.

The Second person I interviewed was Ann Michael Merritt, Ann Michael is a cheerleader and girls basketball player at the academy.

Ann Michael : “For me, it's almost like a reminder that no matter what you do God is going to be walking with you always, and you can step back and look at your situation and know that God will be there to walk with you through it.”

The last person I interviewed was Addison Gross. Addison is a girls soccer and track athlete who is new to Lipscomb as of this past year.

Addison : “This is the first theme we’ve had that I feel like every student will be able to relate to! I feel like it's such a wide variety with personal stories but also with stories from the bible. On the soccer team, the girls have started doing devo’s on Mondays before practice and this theme has helped guide us through that awesome experience.”