Titans Rookies Visit Mustang Youth Football Camp

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http://www.titansonline.com/For the average NFL rookie, days are spent studying the playbook or on the practice field working to earn a fall roster spot. Last week, the Tennessee Titans rookie class shook up its normal routine, visiting Lipscomb Academy’s Mustang Youth Football Camp.


Lipscomb Academy hosts its football camp to allow players from 4th through 8th grade to study and improve fundamental skills key to the development of young football players. This year’s campers received a special surprise when the Titans rookies showed up to the first day of camp to talk about life as a pro player, determination and the hard work required to make it to football’s pinnacle.


"It's such a surreal feeling," first-round pick Taylor Lewan said. "Having the opportunity and the position to influence kids' lives for the better, there's no greater feeling than that."


The Mustang Youth Football camp occurs every summer and incorporates themes of attitude, work, hustle, pride and class – themes that makeup the foundation of Lipscomb’s football program.


“For our players, the first thing we preach is that Christ must be at the center of everything they do; next is hard work,” said Lipscomb Academy Football Coach Scott Tillman.” “Although just beginning their professional careers, the Titans rookies understand the time, dedication and intensity it takes to make it to the NFL and sharing those messages with our players provided an amazing lesson for our campers.”


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