Congratulations 2014 Teachers of the Year



We are honored to announce the 2014 teachers of the year for Lipscomb Academy. Sarah Williamson, Audree Keele, and Jennifer Agee were honored at the Teacher Appreciation Banquet on April 21st for their exemplary service to Lipscomb Academy. As you read the comments offered by their respective principals, you will see why these teachers have earned the respect of their colleagues. They are commended for their passion for teaching, leading by example, and love for students. Congratulations teachers!


Elementary School - Sarah Williamson - Fourth Grade Teacher

When asked the question, "Why do you teach?" Laurie Schreiner said, "I teach for the 'in-between' moments of 'not yet', they are what motivate me to continually stretch and grow. Those are the moments when students don’t quite get it yet or see the possibilities. In those moments I realize how privileged I am to be present at the beginning of a new thing. I realize I can make a difference in the person they become; introduce them to a new way of thinking, show them how to learn in ways that can stick for the rest of their lives." This quote describes the Lipscomb Academy Elementary School teacher of the year, Sarah Williamson. She loves teaching, learning and life. If you were to go into her classroom you would see her students gathered around her like chicks to a mother hen chirping and sharing with her all the things they were learning. You would see her working with children one-on-one, nudging, guiding and encouraging them, capitalizing on those "in-between" moments. You would see her at school early and long after the last bell. She is dedicated to being the best possible teacher, which is why she is being honored as this year's Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

-- Jonathan Sheahen, Elementary School Principal


Middle School - Audree Keele - Media Specialist

Audree Keele is currently finishing her second year at Lipscomb Academy Middle School in her role as Media Center Specialist - otherwise known as the Librarian. Mrs. Keele is a wonderful teacher who not only encourages high quality literacy for all students but also teaches classes on all aspects of literary topics. One of the qualities I appreciate the most about Mrs. Keele is her love for her students and her desire to go the extra mile for them. She has worked closely with our English Department to create new programs for students. She is currently on our Technology Team and is a Co- Sponsor of the Yearbook. Congratulations to Mrs. Keele for being named Lipscomb Academy Middle School Teacher of the Year!

-- Lisa Bruce, Middle School Principal


High School - Jennifer Agee - Mathematics Teacher & Department Chair

Jennifer Agee is one of the most selfless teachers I have known. She always volunteers to take an extra class or offer a class that we need for only a few students. She cares deeply about student achievement and takes great pride in leading the operation of the Math department. As department chair she has mentored and guided several young teachers in recent years. She is selfless in creating teaching schedules for the instructors in the math department. She is truly a blessing to Lipscomb Academy.

-- Lanny Witt, High School Principal