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Lipscomb University's response in unprecedented times.

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COVID-19 Update

Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response.

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SEED School

The first few years of learning set the stage for the many years of learning to come.

We believe these early years contribute to children’s development of many essential skills that support social competence and creative problem solving, as well as foster a love of learning that endures for a lifetime in an environment where young minds Seek, Explore, Experiment and Discover the world around them. The SEED School builds a strong foundation for the youngest minds from age two through kindergarten.

The Seed School at Lipscomb Academy is an innovative approach to pre-K and kindergarten that creates a unique environment where children are encouraged to be inquisitive, adventurous and creative, while learning from caring teachers in a safe setting and developing a belief and relationship with God that will carry them into adulthood.

We expect children to think critically and act responsibly, and in doing so offer them the room they need to thrive in unique and challenging situations, as well as grow in ways that will make a world of difference as they move into first grade and beyond.

At the Seed School children seek, explore, experiment  and discover in ways that encourage and embrace knowledge, as well as individuality, in wonderful and exciting ways. Let us introduce you to our school...a place where we nurture growth, feed curiosity, develop roots and reach new heights.

Feeding childhood curiosity

The innate curiosity of each child is the beginning of learning. This curiosity is transformed into a passion for learning, creating independent and enthusiastic students. A research-based curriculum fosters curiosity and hands-on learning experiences.

Even the youngest students in our community benefit from learning partnerships with Lipscomb University that include sustainable practices, organic kinder "gardens," learning labs and hands-on science labs. The SEED School uses an inquiry-based curriculum approach — curricular studies influenced by student questions and interests — in an environment that fosters problem solving, critical thinking, creative reasoning and contextual learning.

Planting seeds and nurturing growth

These first years are important to you. And they are important to us. It is during this time children have the greatest capacity and appetite to learn. And we take pride in being a part of their education as well as their daily lives. At the Seed School, our entire program seeks to support and nurture young children — and their families — in a safe and welcoming environment as they begin the journey of becoming lifelong learners.


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