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Now accepting applications for the new Endeavor Program, a unique educational experience designed for you!

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Learning that works for you! Achieve your personal goals and schedule your school day with a flexible learning opportunity. Using a combination of in-classroom, blended and online courses, you will have the time to pursue your own endeavors.

What is Lipscomb Academy's Endeavor program? 

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word endeavor means “activity directed toward a goal”. Lipscomb Academy’s Endeavor program provides high school students the ability to attend school in a unique format resulting in a full secondary education and Lipscomb Academy diploma. Through traditional in-classroom learning and online courses, Endeavor students customize their educational experience in order to allow sufficient time needed to achieve their own personal affinities and pursuits.

Ballet dancer and Endeavor student

What does a typical school day look like for an Endeavor student?

Endeavor students will spend approximately four hours at school in a traditional face-to-face format. The remainder of the day is used to pursue each student's unique endeavors. Online course work is completed in an asynchronous format to help students meet their goals. 

Finally! A schedule that works with my goals. Now I have the time needed to pursue my interests.
Endeavor student as an intern

Will I have the opportunities available to all Lipscomb students?

Yes, Endeavor students are considered to be full-time students at Lipscomb Academy. Endeavor students will meet the same graduation requirements as traditional Lipscomb Academy students. Endeavor students are also eligible to participate in all Lipscomb Academy athletic and extracurricular activities offered by Lipscomb Academy.

I really want to have time for an internship, so I can be prepared for potential career choices.

What are the admissions requirements for Endeavor students?

The Lipscomb Academy Endeavor program is seeking students who are driven, self-motivated, academically capable of independent work, and have the ability to manage their own time well. The application process opens on January 15, 2021. 

How can I start the process?

The application process opens on January 15, 2021.

Step 1 - Apply to be a Lipscomb Academy Student.
Step 2 - Complete the application for the Endeavor program.

For information on the Lipscomb Academy admissions process, contact Corry Stewart, director of admissions, at (615) 966-6380.

For information on Endeavor or the Endeavor application process, contact Kristi Reynolds, director of academic initiatives.

What is the cost of attendance?

Since Endeavor students will be receiving access to the same Lipscomb Academy diploma with all support services and extracurricular activities, the cost to participate in Endeavor is the same as the “traditional” student.