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Academic and College Counseling

To be sufficiently prepared for college, students must begin the groundwork as freshmen by seeking counsel from the right professionals and planning a four-year schedule to successfully apply to the appropriate college or university.

The Lipscomb Academy Academic and College Counseling Office shepherds students through the college admissions process giving them individualized support. Counselors empower students to assume responsibility for their post-secondary choices and strive to identify each student's trajectory, thereby, narrowing college choices to succinctly fit the individual. Through appropriate counseling and diligent work, academy students learn to articulate their aspirations and become attractive college applicants.

Academy college counselors shepherd academy students to find the right college fit for each student

Academic and College Counselors

Lisa Coleman: (615) 966-7607

Ian Sanders: (615) 966-6403


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Academic Accomplishments and Graduation Requirements


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What Can I Expect During My Four-Year Counseling Experience


How Do I Apply to a Prospective College?

First, the student needs to understand the terminology used by colleges and universities, including the various types of colleges and the definitions of admissions options.

Apply directly to the institution through the school’s website, but first, be familiar with the types of application that the institution requires. These three are examples of college application services that provide standardized applications allowing the student to apply to multiple schools with a single application. Instead of completing multiple applications, the student simply completes one and submits the application to each college.

Be aware that the student may need to submit additional or separate documents to some colleges and pay additional individual application fees for each college.

parent helping child with college application

Common College Application

A standardized application used by nearly 700 colleges, nearly a million students use the Common Application annually to submit over four million applications.

Common Application
hands typing on laptop

Coalition Application

Accepted by more than 90 institutions, the Coalition Application platform includes “The Locker,” a private space for the student to collect and organize materials throughout high school that the student will share with colleges and universities.

Coalition Application
girl writing college essay

Universal College Application

Accepted by more than 30 colleges and universities, the student registers as an applicant in the Universal College Application in order to start applying.

Universal Application

The Parts of a College Application

The student is responsible for sending colleges the application and some additional documentation.

Lipscomb Academy is responsible for sending the transcript and a secondary school report (if required). If a teacher agrees to write a letter of recommendation, the teacher is responsible for submitting it.
Following the academy's policy for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation is the student's responsibility. Know what is expected!
Listed below is a comprehensive list that could be required. However, the student may not be asked to submit everything on this list to every college. For example, there are many colleges that do not require students to write essays. There also are many colleges that do not require standardized test scores.


Student-Athlete Information


College Visits Information

Applying for Scholarships

Transcript Requests

Current Students:

  • official transcripts for college admissions (senior: initial, mid-year, and final franscripts)
    • request through student’s Naviance account
  • unofficial transcripts for NCAA, scholarship application, clubs, honor societies, and personal use
    • print and complete the transcript request form available HERE or in the counseling office

Former Students:

  • official and unofficial transcripts:
    • print and complete the transcript request form available HERE or in the counseling office

Please note: Parents may request transcripts for students who are under 18 years of age. Requests for individuals who are 18 or older must come from the individual.